UX Researcher & Design Strategist



I am Darshini.

I am known for my curiosity about everything as I spend most of my time in observing humans! I make sense of human behaviour through their interaction with the environment. Hence, I see value in innovation and human-centered design solutions.

Background -

I am pursuing Masters in Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and am currently seeking interesting UX Research opportunities starting in June 2018.

Most recently, I designed an ideation toolkit called TB(D) A Game of Complexity for corporate companies  and design professionals. I am currently working on commercialising the product and conduct design thinking facilitation workshops. You can read about the research and design process on my Medium blog.



To Design for the people, so cohesive that it seems like its by the people.

Design. Immerse. Discover.

As a researcher, I seek to understand systems, patterns and behaviors. I use quantitative methods to outline the context and scope of an issue. To create value for a product, I provide solutions that are human-cantered by addresssing the un-recognized needs of the users. This motivates me to ask the right questions and use the right research methods to understand the real needs and problems. 

Reframe. Sketch. Create.

To conduct an empathy oriented research, the next step is concept generation. Ideation provides both the inspiration and facilitation for building prototypes and innovative solutions. By using various physical and software tools to create the solutions, I leverage my research and design skillset to provide innovative solutions.

Test. Refine. Launch.

Iteration is a fundamental of good design. I believe in creating value to a solution by prototyping and iterating the design solutions and anchoring it to align with the research insights.Testing informs the next iterations of prototypes and provides opportunities to build empathy through observation and engagement. Testing even "half-baked" solutions often and rapidly can yield unexpected insights and validate the direction of the design process.


My approach is informed by a unique mix of empathy, training in using the right research method tools as per the need of the problem, comprehensive knowledge of qualitative UX research methods, diverse project experience and my background in working with startups and consulting companies.

My toolkit

Design/UX Research Methods

Interviewing, usability testing, observation/contextual inquiry, diary studies, card sorting, group discussions, affinity diagramming, remote research, participatory research, experimental methods, hypothesis testing, participant recruiting, project scoping, project management

Product Design & Stakeholder Engagement

Brainstorming sessions, journey mapping, personas, a highly collaborative approach that involves stakeholders at every part of the process, and other methods for developing a user-centered organizational culture, prototyping 

Business & Strategy

User experience strategy, market research, survey questionnaires, concept testing, competitor analysis, project proposals