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I am Darshini Shah - UX Researcher and Design Strategist. 

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Building communities through Online Shopping
Darshini Shah Design Stages

Go For It!

Brief : GO FOR IT! is an add-on feature to existing online shopping platforms. We created this platform to help digital buyers make better decisions while shopping online. Its allows users to interact with fellow buyers on a global level to understand the specs, ask for reviews and buy with better knowledge of the product.

PROCESS Part 1 - Designing the feature : Our secondary research gave us insights into the need for human interation while shopping, which is lacking in the age of online shopping. With the help of various tools such as (potential) customer  performa, brand attributes, SWOT analysis and key success factors, we carved a nice to place our product in the market.

PROCESS Part 2 - Developing market and business opportunities : To launch our product in the market, we designed a business plan, understood our stakeholders and competitors which resulted in testing the final prototype. We decided to approach a venture by Indian government called Startup India to initiate the business and get some capital.

OUTCOME - Launch plan : With the help of angel investors, Indian government and a mentor; we would be capable of launching our product and approach online shopping companies for SBU partnerships.

My role - Research & Concept ideation, Business strategy, Interface design

Concept Exploration and Development

All the members of our team belong to different parts of the world. Even though we are globally connected with each other through social media, we sometime need to communicate with people we rely on at any given time of the day.

This problem was majorly faced while taking decisions in buying online products. Due to different time zones around the world, it is difficult to connect immediate friends and family with each other, but how about connecting people from around the world to create reliable relationships?

Darshini Shah Team

Pitch video

This video explains our initial research and our motivation towards this research in brief.



It is essential to map the ideas in terms of the problem we are trying to solve to put things in perspective. This process along with our secondary research helped us define our problem statement.

Darshini Shah mind map

It is important to locate the position of our company as it allowed us to understand where we stand in the industry. With this exercise, we could define our key success factors - which were base on the combination of the two major industries; being Social Media and Online Shopping

Darshini Shah Key success factors

Business Plan and Strategy

A value proposition is a statement broken down in order to understand the consumers and state our offering for the market.

Darshini Shah Value Proposition

Scenario Planning

We identified our position, our drivers of change and common weaknesses. After looking into possible threats, we developed a matrix to understand which ones could affect us. By building scenarios of the external environment we developed strategies to conquer our possible threats.


Our Company

Darshini Shah Company

Target audience & Customer Profile

Darshini Shah Target audience

Take a deeper look into the matrix that governed our business plan and strategies :


Launch Plan

Darshini Shah Prototype

Prototype video

Darshini Shah
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