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I am Darshini Shah - UX Researcher and Design Strategist. 

After browsing through my projects and skills, do check out my blog which is my personal process notebook about the projects listed on this website.

Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture

My undergraduate degree in Interior Design gave me the opportunity to explore the area of Interior, Architecture and Landscape design.

In the field of Interior Architecture, I started working as a Junior Interior Designer but I got promoted to the position of a Design Manager within a year and lead a team of two junior designers.

As a design manager, my role was to understand client needs, co-ordinate between agences, my seniors and my team and managing deadlines along with execution. My skills and expertise were more towards being empathatic towards the clients and providing what suited best for their lifestyle and thought process. With my inclination towards fulfilling client requirements, I designed spaces that were customized for the clients and spoke a language that was similar to their needs.

Below are some of the projects - 

Interior & Architecture 

Project : Tulsi Tea Factory

Company : PDC Architects

Role : Interior Designer & Design Manager

Tulsi = Basil

Basil is considered a very holy plant in India. Culturally, people consume basil tea in the morning. With PDC architects I got an opportunity to design a tea factory owned by a company called 'Tulsi'.

Client - The client were very versatile and open to the possibilities of experimenting with non-traditional designs.

Concept - We conceptualized the project inspired from a basil leaf. The spaces, openings and the quality of life make the space organic. When one is inside the space, they feel like they are enclosed within the foliage of a basil plant. 

I worked on researching about the client, their needs, conceptualization, managing timelines and working drawings.


Exterior Space


Interior Space





Interior Design

Project : Nini's Kitchen

Company : Freelance Project

Role : Interior Designer

Nini's Kitchen, formerly know as RollaCosta is a contemporary restaurant with an informal vibe and a menu of northern Indian dishes. They believe in preparing fresh food to provide high-end quality.


Client : Ankit Gupta

Concept : As per the brief of the client, they wanted to prepare fresh orders rather than heating up pre-made dishes. The problem with such a setting is that it takes a really long time to get food to the table. This could be a major red flag for the visitors. 

As a designer, I tried to turn this pain point into my opportunity to play with the interior space. What if the environment kept the user so occupied that they fail to realize the time spent in waiting for food? 

Since the client was on a tight budget, I decided to make the walls my canvas. The layout was linear and I could explore on the two walls.


Graphic Wall

I took the opportunity to narrate the story of the city - Ahmedabad on one of the walls which continued to transform into a narration of preparing food. It allowed the consumers to understand their context and the reasons why their food takes time with quirky graphics.

Wall of Sarcasm

The opposite wall was the wall of sarcasm! We placed sarcastic quotes on the walls to keep the customers smiling and occupied.

In the end...

We left with happy client and more than happy consumers!



This is a proposed architecture project, I had the opportunity to undertake. The client needed architectural designs and was looking forward to constructing his residence with the help of structural engineers. My role was to provide designs that related to his lifestyle which he would further take ahead with other teams.

Project : Satyagraha residence

Company : Freelance project

Role : To create a spatial plan

Client : Pramit Brahmbhatt

This project was for a family of nine people 3 couples and 3 kids. The client chose an interior designer to start designing his residence as he wanted to look at the space from inside-out. He wanted a living atmosphere, that suited his lifestyle and requirements. Some of his specific requirements are stated below -

A 20 feet wardrobe space individually for all adults living in the house.

The house should feel like being places amidst natural green environment.

There should be natural light and access to indoor plants and water bodies.



Site - This was a square shaped plot with a huge neem tree that covered almost half the site with its foliage. I decided to use start designing keeping the neem tree as the focal point. 

All spaces had access to the need tree and the garden area. Each space opened to the green areas. There were assigned spaces for water bodies under the staircase that was in continuation from the landscape area outside.

Study of Textiles as a Design Tool (Undergraduate Thesis)

Study of Textiles as a Design Tool (Undergraduate Thesis)