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I am Darshini Shah - UX Researcher and Design Strategist. 

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Enabling Patients to maintain a Medical Regime (Ongoing)

Enabling Patients to maintain a Medical Regime (Ongoing)

As the healthcare industry adapts to increase in consumerization, healthcare organizations and providers must expand their efforts to measure and improve patient experiences. According to a recent study conducted by West with 1,010 healthcare consumers aged 10 and over in the United States, only 69% chronic patients feel that their doctors/providers care about them as individuals.

Due to a lack of constant attention from the doctors, patients fail to pursue regular treatment and lose faith in the healthcare provider when not treated within an effective time. There lies a huge opportunity to improve the doctor-patient relationship by enabling a service that actively involved doctors in their patients' lives.

My role - This is an end to end autonomous project.  

Tools - User Research, UX/UI Design


How might develop a doctor-patient relationship such that it inspires patients to maintain a medical regime?


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