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I am Darshini Shah - UX Researcher and Design Strategist. 

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User Testing

User Testing

There are various methods for user testing and each project demands it to be approached differently User Testing is a great tool to identify design issues and get user feedback as it helps in generating a human-centered design solution.


User Testing

Project : Historic Preservation in Savannah

As we did our subject matter expert and stakeholder's interviews, we got to know that - the physical boundary of historic downtown varies all the time (Erin & Jim). We understood that the 'idea' of downtown is different for everyone. So we decided to do a density heat map to test what most people in Savannah believed to be as the historic downtown.

Final Presentation-53.jpg

We tested this tool with fifteen students from SCAD who lived in and around the perceived boundaries of the Historic downtown.

Insights - Although there were varied viewpoints, this was a major eye-opener for us. We started looking at the downtown from perceived boundaries rather than physical boundaries. Downtown was an 'emotional' term rather than a physical space. 


Prototyping - Testing - Co-creating

Project - Design Thinking Toolkit

The concept of value co-creation requires constant feedbacks from the target audience so that the final solution is catered as required by them. There were a number of iterations, along with major design changes and roadblocks during the design process. Below are some of the testing sessions along with the final outcome.


Prototype 1

The first prototype was a basic design thinking game that goes ahead with the given clues. People can pick up cards from different sections to progress the game and ideate in the process.

Darshini Shah Prototype

Testing sessions

With various testing sessions, there were major changes in strategising the game and mainly, the design of the board which evolved immensely over the process.


Final Solutions

The final prototype is a set of three boards that can be layered on top of one another as the game progresses. We eliminated the need for the manual, if the participants were aware of the process providing visual cues through colour and prompts in the form of texts on the boards itself.

Affinity Diagramming (Synthesis)

Affinity Diagramming (Synthesis)

Working Drawings

Working Drawings